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The reason why I created STRENGTH with SUBSTANCE 

As a law graduate, I was unemployed for a while. During this period, I noticed a sad, familiar and recurring pattern within my age group (and even younger): A lot are uncertain about their future! (Myself included).

Irrespective of how much we appear to “have our shit together”, I find that we are actually lost, misguided and sometimes, some of us are simply bored of our daily lives.

We live in a digital age where social media reigns supreme! 

We have a great number of people putting on a fake smile each and every day looking like they’re sitting on top of the world but in reality, they’re ready to jump off it. (I nearly lost a close friend to suicide and I’m currently worried about two others).

I also know that some of us feel empty inside and we are desperately looking to fill this void.

Some of us feel stuck at a dead end job going through the motion and feel punished by the “9-5” cycle. We are often left feeling trapped inside a lifestyle that we absolutely despise. “They never told us it was going to be like this”. Such is life and now:-

We feel as though we are in a sunken place!

Living my life sharing my story:

The quote above is one of the governing principles of my life today and I created STRENGTH with SUBSTANCE as a platform that will help me achieve just that. I don’t have life “figured out” quite yet, but my goal is to document my journey. I understand that my life purpose is not static or singular and my priorities will change.

However, I also know first hand that life is tough and its challenges can be mentally draining. I know how difficult we may find it to seek help sometimes so, my goal is to provide solutions in the little ways I can to those who are “ashamed” to ask for help- I want to provide answers before you even have to ask them- I want to satisfy your cravings. Although, it goes without saying that my opinions are mine and mine alone. There’s never a one size fits all approach to most things in life but, I hope you’re able to find value in what I share with you and you will use them to reach a higher level of success, depending on how you choose to define it.


I’m not the most outgoing or sociable individual and to be frank, I really don’t like people, but, I just genuinely want people to be okay. I figured that if people are okay, then the world won’t be such a shitty place to live in. Therefore, I’m using this as an opportunity to say that I’m here to be a friend and a trusted source of advice.

Once again, I’m not claiming to be an expert and I am far from perfect but my objective is to gradually share how I regained control of my life through a series of regular blog posts and other content (podcast) in the hope of improving yours.

My goal is to help you overcome some of your personal struggles whilst I dig through my own “life’s personal shit box”. I understand now more than ever how tough life can really be and, ultimately, we all face a common struggle as human beings and that’s to overcome physical, mental and emotional obstacles. I hope you will be able to relate to some of my experiences and use them to better yours. 


3 people will care about what I have to say and offer, 3 people won’t and 4 simply won’t give a damn. I’m trying to reach and connect with the 3 that cares.

Nothing fancy, no hidden agendas, and I’m just speaking straight from the heart.

That is all.


They keep telling me that it’s lonely at the top so I’d like some company. Come and join me. I dare you!



Hi, my name is Timi, I’m in my mid 20s & I need you to understand 3 things:-

I’m not here to judge; I’m not here to compare struggles and; I’m not selling a damn thing!

I may not have all the answers but I can be a friend/trusted source of counsel.

I’m here to help you on your quest for personal growth.

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