Jan 2018 Blogs

It’s perfectly okay NOT to KNOW  your life purpose

Re-create yourself

Dec 2017 Blogs

Have you ever chased a dream only for it not to work out?

What do you see when you look at this picture?

What’s the difference between making a sandwich & a million dollars?

Let me tell you why some of your insecurities can be good

Nov 2017 Blogs

Choose to fight or continue watching TV and porn, waiting to die

Oct 2017 Blogs

Walking around with a tack in your shoes

Sept 2017 Blogs

Fatigue can bring out the coward in a man

July 2017 Blogs

I don’t trust perfection. I broke some rules in my life. I’m not perfect

Why do I promote mental toughness so much?

June 2017 Blogs

Why I avoid getting into arguments

The folly of believing you can change people

The Man in the Mirror

May 2017 Blogs

13 Reasons Why: (She’s not into you)

The best piece of advice I ever received

The reason why I take long showers

Think big but start small. Build up your own wins and enjoy the process

The only thing certain in life is death. Start living

I want you to indulge me

They fed us a lie. Starting is not the hardest part. [Part 1]

They fed us a lie. Starting is not the hardest part. [Part 2]

Let me keep it real: I fell off!

Feb 2017 Blogs

With faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains

 The Dangers of Consuming too much Motivational Content

 A Valentines Day special. #Banter

 Life is unfair and fundamentally about double standards

Lead by example

Jan 2017 Blogs

 Death doesn’t scare me. Living does

Guest Blog: How to speed up your laptop

How to Conquer the Battle Within

Dec 2016 Blogs

Stop seeking Permission [Part 1]

Stop seeking permission [Part 2]

The Reason Why I Created this Website

The Law of Attraction for Dummies

I just want to be the champ for the misfits




Hi, my name is Timi, I’m in my mid 20s & I need you to understand 3 things:-

I’m not here to judge; I’m not here to compare struggles and; I’m not selling a damn thing!

I may not have all the answers but I can be a friend/trusted source of counsel.

I’m here to help you on your quest for personal growth.

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